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Depression Treatment – Are these your thoughts

Depression Treatment in Delhi by MindfulKriya. Check how your thoughts are making you depressed. Watch your thoughts and understand how thoughts are creating depression. MindfulKriya helps you generate new thoughts. Convert Negative thoughts/feelings to Positive thoughts & Happiness. Your mind is…..

20 Myths About Depression

Myths About Depression, We Need to Stop Believing Some common misconceptions about depression which some people believe. Depression only happens to people who are emotionally weak or is just a mental weakness. It’s not true. Depression can be because of circumstances,…..

Treatment of depression

Treatment of #Depression #Depressiontreatment by #MindfulKriya & other ways. Treatment of Depression begins by learning how one thought can generate the depression. Treatment of depression by mindfulness works by the method of controlling and managing thoughts. MindfulKriya It’s a process of generating…..