Severe depression treatment

51 Foods That Fight Stress And Depression

The Diet Cure includes Good mood foods which can be taken to lift the spirits. Food influence our moods, thoughts, and feelings until we make a change. Incorporating these foods will soon lead you to be on the path to freeing yourself…..

21Things Not to Do If You’re Depressed

#Depression #Treatment starts with controlling 21 Things Not to Do If You’re #Depressed Don’t Read the general comments of mass public, as there can be negative comments. Focus on reading the positive things only. Don’t read through happy moments of…..

Treatment of depression

Treatment of #Depression #Depressiontreatment by #MindfulKriya & other ways. Treatment of Depression begins by learning how one thought can generate the depression. Treatment of depression by mindfulness works by the method of controlling and managing thoughts. MindfulKriya It’s a process of generating…..