Depression counselling in Delhi

Depression counselling in Delhi

Depression, like other chronic illnesses, requires commitment and management. You have to learn to live with it every day but not allow it to define you,

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Depression counselling in Delhi can help you think about practical ways to solve problems that could be making you feel depressed. Observe your thoughts if any of them matches with these:


  • How many times a day you feel sorry for yourself furthermore feel pitty for yourself.
  • Do you feel someone else has power over your feelings?
  • Challenges keep coming & keep breaking you down.
  • Things of past keeps draining your energy.
  • You keep pleasing others most noteworthy lost yourself.
  • You can’t take risks due to fear.
  • Others keep succeeding & when you compare you feel unsuccessful.
  • Numerous Past failures have conditioned brain in a passive state so no motivation left.
  • Loneliness keeps haunting or fear of being abandoned by family or friends makes you lonely.
  • Others have been taking advantage of you, as a result, feel worn out.
  • There are no immediate rewards which you can see, so no enthusiasm to do.
  • Life is going beyond beliefs or basic values as you want it to be.
  • There is a sea of thoughts in mind & you keep thinking about them.
  • Can’t do productive things because of negative thinking.
  • There are uncontrolled feelings which are intolerable & creating discomfort.
  • Feel like a failure as seems like nothing achieved so far in life.

Depression counselling in Delhi can help you look at and change negative thinking and feelings that could be causing depression as above thoughts.

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Depression counselling in Delhi

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Depression counselling in Delhi helps you become more aware of the habits of thinking that can lead to depression – and teaches you ways to change these habits.