21Things Not to Do If You’re Depressed

#Depression #Treatment starts with controlling 21 Things Not to Do If You’re #Depressed

Don’t Read the general comments of mass public, as there can be negative comments. Focus on reading the positive things only.

Don’t read through happy moments of other people or peers & try comparing your your life with them. What if i had that life, what if i would have went to that vacation like them, what if thinking needs to be stopped.

Watching too intense scenes or advertisements needs to be stopped. As most advertisements are made to invoke your emotions so you can relate to them & remember their advertised products. Admit it that this is not the time you want to buy that advertised product or you are not looking to go on for general emotional buying, so mute the advertisements. Yes you can go for shopping, create list of things you need & ensure to go for shopping & buy the best products you can buy for yourself but only what you need. Don’t get into habit of emotional shopping because an advertisements said so.

Live life Instead of focusing on the long term purpose of future or past events.

Don’t engage yourself in serious topics like politics, crime etc with unknown people,as they may have their won strong views. Engage in topics which are general, soothing,  productive like gardening, cooking etc. Be motivated to initiate the conversations about your passion goals.

Don’t be stuck in your room & don’t be comfortable in the pain.

Don’t watch or read negative news. In japan the TV usually doesn’t have any negative news which are usually not giving any new things to learn or are there only to raise the TRP like horror, crime, house hold fights etc.

Don’t push away the people who love you. Be with friends and family who care for you.

Don’t have sex with strangers thinking something is better than nothing or promiscuous sex. Focus on people who care for you. Don’t abuse your body & value system.

Don’t compare yourself with people in advertisements, photo shoots. This is not the best time of you. Just make the best of you for now. Focus on you & be a better of you from the past as this is the only way to get ahead to be a better person..

Don’t focus on the world events or political speeches or celebrity personal life, as you need to take care of yourself first then get it into political debates. Yes if you want to do social work you should join a NGO & go help out there.

Don’t hangout with other depressed people instead hangout with people who are motivated themselves.

Don’t drink as drinking will only delay the process of recovery from depression.

Don’t listen to sad songs, or depressing, violent movies.

Don’t deny the depression, accept it & work towards it’s treatment.

Don’t call people who have abandoned you in past or had hurt you. You may feel like calling them because they know you & you feel they can empathize with your pain.

Don’t be influenced by other people success, money, family as soon you will want to have what they have or will want to be involved with their culture.

Don’t do binge eating, just focus on limited food which is good for health. Create a list of foods to eat. Keep handy snacks from the list of 51 Foods That Fight Stress And Depression .

Don’t show anger on people who cared for you. Remember your family friends they do care for you, you will make them distant from you but these are the people who care for you unconditionally.

Don’t focus on your shortcoming of the past rather focus on what lies ahead because of experiences you have from the past to be better.