Living with a Depressed Family Member

Helping Depression Treatment of the person you love can be very challenging. Living with a Depressed Family Member can make you feel worse, lonely and unloved, without their attention. Caregiver may feel like No matter how much you do for them it is not enough & probably they have no gratitude towards you. Loved one may have developed a personality disorder, mood disorder which may have resulted depression alongside.

Remember depression is not something they choose. Depression is often caused by the chemical reaction which goes on in the brain. Depressed person may feel ashamed in sharing with others about what goes on in their mind, but this is not the way to heal the depression. Person living next to the depressed person may have to deal with their ups & downs.

  • Don’t say to them why are you complaining, when they are going through their phase.
  • Try not to push them to share what is going on in your mind, because they might not want to open up for.
  • Do encourage them to seek professional treatment for their fatigue, exhaustion.
  • Don’t judge their behavior but keep a watch on their behavior.
  • Living with them can be very tough & can dry yourself.
  • Do keep a boundary & give yourself space and ensure to take care of yourself.

You may not feel that they are ungrateful or have no gratitude, so it’s ok it’s part of the process, they are dealing with themselves right now. It has nothing to do with you or what you do for them.
You have to be strong so you can help them. If you are not strong enough then how you can offer them emotional support. You may not be able to fix them but you have to be strong for them.

Be compassionate, loving to them. Be supportive but then come out to take care of yourself. Focus on self care. Your stamina, insight, and thinking abilities will be better. If you are so worn out that you end up resenting those you are helping, what good is that to you or them?

You may feel you may deteriorate, so instead of breaking down be strong to help them.

Remember you can’t fix them you have to be strong for them.

What you can do to help them during depression :

Give Them Unconditional Love

Be empathetic Even When They’re At Their Worst. If your spouse had a broken leg, you would expect that their abilities and energy would be restricted, that they would be in pain at times, and that they couldn’t heal themselves more quickly just because you want them to. Think about depression the same way.

  • Don’t be aggressive with them. Don’t sweat on small stuff. Stop expecting that they can do normal chores on time effectively.
  • Be compassionate & ask If there anything I can do to help?
  • Be sure to let them know you will try your best to understand instead of being judgmental or invalidating what they are feeling.
  • Motivate them to struggle with tough time.
  • Spend time with them & ask them to accompany you for a walk or some physical activity.
  • Let them know you are there to support you during this difficult time.
  • They must feel your intention of being there for them.



  • Ensure that at home some of 51 Foods That Fight Stress And Depression are available.
  • Ask or Understand What They really Need you to do
  • Let them know you are with them in whatever way they need
  • Create An Action Plan
  • Ask to do the chores for them which they can’t do.
  • Remember it will get better. Knowledge is the key to their healing.