Depression Treatment – Are these your thoughts

Depression Treatment in Delhi by MindfulKriya. Check how your thoughts are making you depressed.

Watch your thoughts and understand how thoughts are creating depression.

MindfulKriya helps you generate new thoughts. Convert Negative thoughts/feelings to Positive thoughts & Happiness.

Your mind is a garden you can grow flowers or weeds. What are you growing in your garden flowers or weeds ? MindfulKriya helps you grow the flowers in your garden of thoughts.

Answers these questions to self & watch the state of happiness in your life.

  • Are you generating positive thoughts?
  • Usually what you feel how you feel about yourself in the morning.
  • Are you usually relaxed in a natural environment?
  • Do you feel anxiety or stress?
  • Are you in peace, the calm state most of the time .
  • Are situations & events in your life as per your control.
  • Do you feel secure?
  • Do you actually love yourself?
  • Are you worried about other people how they are looking at you and what they think of you?
  • Are you at peace with yourself.
  • Do you love & accept how you are?
  • Do you have healthy food habits?
  • In your mind Do you have a number of questions constantly starting with what if?
  • Is your creativity dying?
  • Do people take advantage of you?
  • Can you do whatever you want or are you looking for the resources?
  • Are you desirable by others?
  • Do others enjoy your company & do you feel confident with others.
  • How much is missing in your life, what is missing in your life?
  • Are you healthy physically or there is an illness which has already started making you lazier?
  • Are you in control of situations around you.
  • Can you actually express how & what you want to express?
  • Are you financially secure?
  • Is past haunting you?
  • Do feel lost or Is your every day taking you closer to your goals.
  • Do you have harmonious relationships ?


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Depression treatment includes changing lifestyle, thoughts &  51 Foods That Fight Stress And Depression .