When do usually people go for Depression treatment?
Some people get help immediately when they are not able to do routine work but sometimes it takes months before they realize there is some problem in their behavior.

Some of the reasons for people who started their Depression treatment were: (not in any order, one person may have number of these )
When they have cried over something but it didn’t help.

  • A realization that fighting, screaming, yelling doesn’t get the attention to the needs.
  • Being sad is not the life they want anymore.
  • Don’t want to keep pretending to be alright.
  • Don’t want to be alone as loneliness brings sadness.
  • Being angry at people you love makes you realize you could have found another way out.
  • The inner voice says or others say about depression that you are crazy.
  •  Most of the time feeling of Being stuck in emptiness.
  • Keep struggling to understand who I am or what is the purpose of my life.
  • Why in the need of others help to make me happy, and I’m tired of needing help.
  • Don’t even want to remember the pain of the past which hurts.
  • Loss of memory or forgetfulness about present moments.
  • Unbalanced relationships with family or with unstable lovers who don’t care.
  • Feel different from most of the people, feel above or low.
  • Feel lonely empty & worthless most of the time & tired of being tired.
  • Whimsical behavior as told by others.
  • Feel mentally lazier than physical tiredness because there is no intent to do anything.
  • Overdoing the wittiness, being humorous in front of people to make an image of yourself.
  • Looking for something in life.
  • Feels disconnected with most of the relationships most of the time.
  • Always feel discontent, dissatisfied, so much of unhappiness within even though no concrete issue in front to fix.
  • Within mind repressive unenthusiastic thoughts, where do I draw the line?
  • Constant chase of the mirage with illusionary goals which depletes the energy.
  • Lost the purpose of life.
  • No news makes me happy, nothing affects me internally.
  • Not connected with the family as childhood maybe wasn’t happy.
  • Most relationships are superficial, there is not an emotional connection but may be vulnerable to specific people.
  • The sense of loss of identity crisis.
  • Feel like a failure & unable to understand relationships & rituals as they seem superficial.

Elements to watch for in Depression symptoms are :


  • In : interest lost
  • S : sleep deprived
  • A : appetite disturbed
  • D: depressed mood
  • C: concentration lost
  • A: activity nill
  • G: guilt most of the time
  • E: energy lack
  • S: suicide thoughts

Treatment of Depression

Treatment of depression with MindfulKriya requires that you be willing to get better. Once you have decided i will be making changes change becomes easier.