Happiness workshop

Event details

  • Monday | January 7, 2019 to Wednesday | February 20, 2019
  • 5:30 pm
  • Arambol, Goa
  • 11Attendees
  • 4Staff members

2 Hour Happiness workshop.

What is True Happiness?
How can we live Happy life?
How to change our habits.
Get what you really want out of your life.
How to attract positive people & positivism in our life.
How to handle difficult situations of life.
Self Check on our Obsessions about Weight Money Power Looks Social Control.
What is Self Love & Selfishness.
Do we have selfish people around us or are they practicing self-love?
How our happiness is dependent on others.
How to live with inner peace.
How we are hurting others emotions.
A perfect way to live joyful being.
How to bring peace with all family members.

This two-hour workshop will explore Mindfulness as a powerful tool for happiness. Expect to dive deep into your Mindfulness practice and into your heart.

Ready to start Happy life ahead? Send a message to join in workshop.