Happiness Program = MindfulKriya

iNternal Happiness Program = MindfulKriya Natural healing for iNternal happiness, the way nature intended. Happiness is your given birthright. Mindfulness workshop helps you contemplate transitions, your aspirations, family, relationships, and purpose. You have the capacity to define what is painful…..

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Natural cures for depression

Natural cures for depression Natural cures for depression includes spend time with people who love you unconditionally or family members who cares unconditionally works as Natural cures for depression. When you’re surrounded by good people you’re surrounded by life. You’ll…..

20 Myths About Depression

Myths About Depression, We Need to Stop Believing Some common misconceptions about depression which some people believe. Depression only happens to people who are emotionally weak or is just a mental weakness. It’s not true. Depression can be because of circumstances,…..

21Things Not to Do If You’re Depressed

#Depression #Treatment starts with controlling 21 Things Not to Do If You’re #Depressed Don’t Read the general comments of mass public, as there can be negative comments. Focus on reading the positive things only. Don’t read through happy moments of…..