Happiness Program = MindfulKriya

iNternal Happiness Program = MindfulKriya Natural healing for iNternal happiness, the way nature intended. Happiness is your given birthright. Mindfulness workshop helps you contemplate transitions, your aspirations, family, relationships, and purpose. You have the capacity to define what is painful…..

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Treatment of depression

Treatment of #Depression #Depressiontreatment by #MindfulKriya & other ways. Treatment of Depression begins by learning how one thought can generate the depression. Treatment of depression by mindfulness works by the method of controlling and managing thoughts. MindfulKriya It’s a process of generating…..

Living with a Depressed Family Member

Helping Depression Treatment of the person you love can be very challenging. Living with a Depressed Family Member can make you feel worse, lonely and unloved, without their attention. Caregiver may feel like No matter how much you do for them it…..

Depression Treatment Natural MindfulKriya

Natural treatment of Depression & Anxiety Depression Treatment naturally Depression Treatment is different from any other treatment of pain in the body. Treatment of Depression can be a very challenging . Depression treatment usually is initiated by the family member or the…..