Here is how you can reach us

MindfulKriya We are located in Delhi Goa & Gurgaon.

If you’ve thought about reaching out for support from your counseling center, you’re not alone. Sometimes taking that first step and making an appointment can be intimidating. There may be some uncertainty about what actually happens when you see a counselor. The goal of appointment is to find out your concerns and figure out an effective way to help you. .

Please call & book an appointment to meet a counselor.

Once you are provided with a time for an appointment for one on one session, do reach on time. Do write a note of what issues you are facing & would like to discuss. These are good points to think about before coming to the appointment. Everything is confidential that a client brings into the session. Next, you and the counselor will discuss different options to address your problems and help you feel better. For instance, together you might decide you need to make certain lifestyle changes or work together to identify better ways of dealing with stress or anxiety.