20 Myths About Depression

Myths About Depression, We Need to Stop Believing

Some common misconceptions about depression which some people believe.

Depression only happens to people who are emotionally weak or is just a mental weakness. It’s not true. Depression can be because of circumstances, upbringing & genetics involved.

Only talking about the depression with friends or family can cure it instead of doing any changes in self.

Talking about depression only makes it worse. The truth is Talking help but you need to work on the treatment plan.

Depression is only due to an event & has nothing to do with family history or upbringing.

If a Depressed person needs help they will ask for it if they need help.

Only Antidepressants can cure Depression.

Depression is rare and will not happen to me. Depression can happen to anyone regardless of sex, age, race.

Extreme Depression will go on its own because its temporary.

Some miracle can cure Depression just in minutes. The truth is it will take time & effort to manage & heal the depression.

Depression is just like sadness. The truth is It is no different from diabetes or heart disease in its ability to impact someone’s life. It can have both emotional and physical symptoms and make life very difficult for those who have it.
Depression Only Affects Women, but the truth is depression does affect men as well.

Depression is always the cause of suicide. It’s a myth of depression.

Only Poor countries or poor people have higher depression chances. The fact is very rich people celebrities can also have depression.

Only traumatic life events can bring depression in life. The fact is the traumatic events themselves cannot take all responsibility for a person’s depression.

Depression is all in your mind, it’s not a real disease.

If your parents suffered from depression, then you will also have the depression. The truth is it happens only 10-15% due to family genetics.

Depression is just a part of life.

People in the depressed state choose  depression because they need attention or feel pity for themselves.

Depression will go away by itself.

Depression happened only because of a triggered in life.