Treatment of depression

Treatment of #Depression

#Depressiontreatment by #MindfulKriya & other ways. Treatment of Depression begins by learning how one thought can generate the depression. Treatment of depression by mindfulness works by the method of controlling and managing thoughts.
MindfulKriya It’s a process of generating new thoughts which helps you recover from depression. How we can control thoughts is for example is looking at things in the different way intentionally so it doesn’t hurt us or put us in the direction of depression or negative thinking. For example if spouse is shouting then instead of looking at spouse as evil look at spouse in a way that if spouse is screaming it means i m not able to listen to the spouse need or expectation in calm manner that spouse is so frustrated that they had to scream to get my attention. It doesn’t mean spouse doesn’t love you but it means spouse has unmet needs. Their anger or sarcasm has nothing to do with your intention it’s just a way they feel inside about you from the behavior they are interpreting. Let things go. Start by stopping the sweating on small things. When we let go of small things which are not done as per our way then we don’t have to take them in our heart that this is not the end. Every end has a new beginning & Treatment for Depression starts with a new beginning. Procrastination also leads to negative thoughts and put us in anxiety so take a piece of paper & start writing the things to do one by one start doping those tasks one by  in one so you feel that you also have accomplished what was pending.  Don’t be just comfortable in the anxiety because stress & anxiety is not the solution for anything.
Ensure to have an appropriate amount of sleep. 
Ensure to eat some of 51 Foods That Fight Stress And Depression on daily basis.
Power of Breath in Treatment for Depression:
When you have stream of negative thoughts then break the pattern of thoughts. Take Deep breath then hold the breath for 10 seconds to 30 seconds or as long as you can hold for a minute may be, as you have stopped the breath watch the thoughts there are no thoughts, there is no negative thoughts, there is no anxiety , every thing is stand still now look at the state of your mind, there is no depression for a 10 second period as you are focusing on breath.

Why God listens to religious people to heal depression
If you believe in religion then God has already provided you his way to help you in your depression. The deity you believe in then all you have to do is that first focus on what is that you need due to which your anxiety can heal. That requirement can be of anything which is cause of this pain , pray & ask the god to fix that & let god do his own miracle. As you are religious then have faith in your go that he will fix that on his own so you now have nothing to worry about. Let god do his miracle. Give him some time to do his miracle. If you don’t believe in God then read How to heal from depression. Religion help religious people because all events are in the control of god so they wait for the god to give them what is right for them at the right time, so there is no need to worry for the things which didn’t happen as per their control. As for them the god is the ultimate. So remind yourself that the God has the power to help you when it’s your time.

How Positive thinking helps you in Depression treatment

Power of positive thinking is also an effective way to deal with depression. You can choose what works for you. Positive thinking empowers your mind to give you whatever you want in your life.  Get everything what you want. Attract happiness & loving relationships. Why you can’t live happily because you are not able to visualize yourself in happy state of life. Your own mind prevents you to live happy. MindfulKriya Positive thinking helps you visualize the happiness & connect it with your emotions.

How law of Attraction helps you in Treatment of Depression.

Law of attraction works with visualizing where you want to be, what you want to be then feel the aura around you as you want it to be. When you the physical achievements through small steps you will be able to generate the life you want. Treatment for Depression can be initiated by yourself at home by learning more about Law of Attraction.

How to heal from depression:
People say lot of negative things to you which get stuck in your subconscious mind which stops you living fully or you feel restricted. You don’t want to hurt your loved ones because that’s how they wanted you or feel about you in this way. When we keep on thinking that there is no purpose in life i don’t have a reason to do the thing because no matter what i do, i don’t get the result, these type negative thoughts keeps us in loop of negativity. We are in this situation because this how where we wanted to be or had fear that this is where i will be, because how others had been treating you in a certain way. How our thoughts had created this reality or how others have thrown us in this state of mind or others actions have put us in this state. Insecurity of future or insecurity about career, insecurity about finance, insecurity about love can create intense feeling of insecurity make us feel impatient, worry ,irritation, pessimism, you Know when you feeling any of these feelings.

MindfulKriya helps you create he awareness of your thoughts, where are they coming from why they are coming and how these thoughts are influencing the state of your mind. When you are aware of the type of thoughts you are generating then you know you can create the status of your mood, because the type of thoughts you are generating is creating the type of mood you will be in. So now you have choice to keep yourself in depression or in happiness. Increase the positive in your mind instead of negativity. Nothing can come in your life, nothing can come in your mind without your approval. Mind becomes so empowered that you start controlling your aura around you so you can start living in happiness state most of the time.

Start looking at events of the day in the different way. Instead of staying in fear with negative thoughts you can choose to convert fear into power of you. How negative thinking leads to worst events in life even though they were not happening or won’t happen. We live with that effect as if those bad events has already happened. MindfulKriya guides you to be aware of the present moment as it is & help you deal with it in positive way.

How holding the breath helps you in treatment of depression

As you hold the breath for 10/20 seconds then taking a deep breath can help you bring in the present moment.  When in present moment there is nothing else is important than the air going, your most important need becomes the air which can only go in till you take the next breath. MindfulKriya helps you during these 10/20 seconds exercise where your depression treatment starts instantly naturally.